My daughter Lily, who is 5 and a half years old, is prone to anger, has emotional instability, has low tolerance for failure, is stubborn and often feels insecure in a new environment. I felt so hopeless in raising her because I couldn’t find the problem. A friend of mine then recommended that I take Lily for an evaluation at KickStart and that was when her transformation began.

Lily enrolled in the intensive course. I was able to see a dramatic change in her only after two sessions. The most obvious was that she became emotionally stable and didn’t get angry as easily as before. She became considerate, caring, thoughtful, responsible, motivated and well-behaved. She was also able to get along well with her classmates.

KickStart designed the different exercises for sensory integration into games and all of the activities are quite fun and interesting to Lily. As they play through the exercises, the teacher would explain to me the purpose and effect of each exercise. After the session, the teacher would give me a list of assignments to do at home with Lily.

Now, if I ask Lily to do something, she would do it immediately without any complaint. She is able to practice her piano and do her homework on her own. She is able to accept refusals and listen to reason.

Lily was able to undergo such a huge transformation in one short month through Ms. Wu’s professional evaluation and the one-on-one therapy courses offered at KickStart. I’m so happy and proud of Lily’s transformation. It’s so important to find someone professional for help, and Ms. Wu is definitely a professional therapist. The intensive course also helped Lily achieve spectacular results. I recommend for other parents to consider the intensive course for their child. You will absolutely see results very soon.

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Photo by: Ahmad Zamri Ahmad Zahir