When Joy finished her first semester of kindergarten, the teacher told me after half a year of observation that Joy had sensory integration problems. She recommended for me to complete an evaluation at KickStart with Ms. Wu. The teacher told me that Joy had asked her what she could do to improve. She was motivated to be better, so we should give her the opportunity to do so.

We made an appointment with Ms. Wu and started an intensive course with sessions 3 times a week. It was just like what the kindergarten teacher told me, that sensory integration therapy is a long and difficult journey for the parents. However, it’s amazing for the child because she will receive exactly what she needs. I’m very grateful for Ms. Wu and Joy’s therapist for the encouragement and assistance they’ve offered us in the past year, especially during the hard times and the down times.

The teachers at KickStart are very concerned with the child and her learning motivations. They often tell me, “Approach the therapy exercises in a happy and positive mood, and the child’s body will give the best response.” After every session, the teacher explained the purposes of today’s therapy exercises, and then assigned easy-to-complete homework exercises to do at home. With KickStart’s support, Joy made a huge improvement in just a year. She ate faster and didn’t make a mess when eating. She was able to join other kids in playing tag. She enjoyed hiking and cycling, and she wasn’t afraid to explore the playground anymore. She took initiative in the classroom and always voiced her thoughts and opinions or raised her hands to answer questions. She was very willing in sharing some of our household chores and remembered her tasks well. I am extremely grateful to KickStart teachers for helping Joy accomplish all of the above in the past year. Thank you.

*Picture shown is for illustration only~


Photo By: Ed Garcia